Mato Drive


Mato Drive is a continuation to the project Lisco I did a while ago and now it has finally come close to becoming a reality. I will hopefully be able to raise enough funds through Kickstarter to pay for the first production run.

Mato plays with the idea of being more than just a piece of electronics or a minified tool to carry out our daily tasks. I wanted the the drive to have some substance, occupy more space, both physically and emotionally. An object that would stick to you and you in return could stick to it and so it would hopefully not be forgotten as lightly and left to swim with the fish.

Minified and bony is simply no fun – curves and substance, something to hold on to, that’s more alluring. Cherish the fact of being, and be proud of the space you occupy.

For the skin I have chosen to use a special fabric developed by Danish knowhow and expertise. This durable yet stretchy non-woven upholstery fabric dresses and flows over the components in an almost organic manner. The fabric catches light in a way that is reminiscent of anodized metal creating an appealing contrast between the organic shapes and the metallic texture.