Hello Monoworld

This is the start, the beginning of a tale, an experience, memory, an ever-evolving event setting sail. I’ll be sharing stories and thoughts with you that together will lead to the birth of a new character, a new being. This new life will be part me, part you, a blend of all of us. Some of you will have great influence and some of you will be hidden in mysterious details for the curious to explore. Whether your role is as an observer or as an inducer, all of you are special. Without you this new life would be sans meaning just a sterile structure floating in emptiness.

Placed in an unknown world we seek understanding through familiarity and similarity, comparing and identifying the present via past experiences. We create customized patterns, own filters to process the world around us. Every day we are presented with new combinations of shapes and experiences. We take these individual elements or component parts and place them in a relationship resulting in distinct features we can process. Features that we can compare to former stimuli and recognize as an understandable pattern, a meaningful whole for us as individuals.

Future posts will entail extracted components/packets of events that will shape the course of this creation. These bubbles of experiences will depict my mental image forming a network of building blocks. A set of interwoven stories merged with the relationships you create to interpret them. Through these interactions each of you will draw your own narration of this project and with your story participate in the process of shaping this new life.