Becoming Ninì

Tout l’univers visible n’est qu’un magasin d’images et de signes auxquels l’imagination donnera une place et une valeur relative; c’est une espèce de pâture que l’imagination doit digérer et transformer.

The whole visible universe is nothing but a storehouse of images and signs to which the imagination will give a place and relative value; it is a sort of pasture that the imagination must digest and transform.


An idea opens up shrouded in fog and the first thing we see is an obstructed structure of a product to be. Somewhere in the background there might be an incoherent mass, a material waiting for the opportunity to be shaped and transformed to fit this not yet defined creation. Moving in closer we begin to see details in high piles stacked everywhere like in a storage facility, a huge bank of raw data, imagery of differing characteristics ready to be tried on as clothes in a fitting room. Inside this enormous virtual castle of ideas begins the framing of the object. We frame out the unwanted characteristics until we get to an extreme close-up, so close that we reach a sort of isolation, a silence where the concept can with a whisper open up its story to us. We stand still and loose grip of our virtual pen that falls down and slides aside. Now we zoom back out and can see for the first time as a whole what we are shaping, a glimpse of the object that is taking shape and revealing itself in our mind.

And so like a classic mystery, the story is set in motion. We begin to ask ourselves, who or what is this object? Where does it come from? Why does it exist? The answers will eventually be revealed through us all, through our interactions and the values our imagination gives to these bits of data that form this creation. But for now we are still at the very beginning of the becoming of this new life. The shaping and transformation of the images in our mind are only beginning to evolve. Soon, through these transformations we begin to build a story, a means to create meaning, a relation with this object.

These first depictions are an attempt to picture the idea in its most infant state. To bring the virtual to the light, showing the concept in an almost sensual way, stripped down bare. It is a structure of a concept ready to be saturated with characteristics and imagery that we can then digest and transform.